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Professor David Haslam

Chairman: National Obesity Forum

Discusses Lipotrim

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Valerie Beeson

Clinical Programme Director

Discusses the Lipotrim Programme

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When you join the programme, your pharmacist will give you weekly support to help you reach your desired weight.



For more details on joining the Lipotrim weight management programme, click on the individual sections in the menu.


Warning: Do not use Lipotrim Total Food Replacement products purchased on eBay


This is a copy of the Patient DVD, available from the pharmacies and required viewing of all Lipotrim dieters,



Listen to an inspiring radio broadcast

Radio Kerry, 10kB


for broadcast on November 26, 2011
(prerecorded October 24, 2011)
that lost eleven stone

Fr. Kevin McNamara
Fr. Nicholas Flynn

Important Audio about Re-feeding
after the strict diet.

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